During the event DNI MAJSTROV ÚĽUV 2022, Gabriela Pirošková, reporter of RTVS, spoke with the director general of ÚĽUV Eva Ševčíková and Ladislav Hedvigi. The main theme of this year’s “craft festival” was wood and, within it, the kyjatická toy, recently included in the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Slovakia.

The authors and curators of the exhibition – designers Ferdinand Chrenka and Václav Kautman – will bring you the atmosphere of the exhibition Tradition Unconventionally: the Wood through the RTVS reportage. The exhibition from the point of view of ÚĽUV will be told by its general director Eva Ševčíková.

In the archive of the RTVS show Build a house, plant a tree you have the opportunity to watch a captivating reportage about the unique craft work of the wool spinning lecturer Ľubica Noemi Kováčiková and to be convinced that the craft is IN.

The staff of was at the opening of the exhibition CIRCLES ON WATER 2022. Editor Andrea Záborská spoke with the CEO of ÚĽUV and the winners/winners of the competition with the same name.

In the RTVS show Build a house, plant a tree Janette Imrová demonstrated the traditional technique of loop weaving to the audience. The original tinkering technique is a legacy of our ancestors who made the craft famous in the world.