Regional Craft Center of ÚĽUV Košice

Regional Craft Center of ÚĽUV Košice

The ÚĽUV Košice Regional Craft Center was established in 2013 and is a contact point providing advisory and educational activities for the area of Eastern Slovakia and has its own team of local artistic advisors and lectors in crafts.

It is situated in the town centre in a modernised historical building on Mäsiarska street and has a shop, gallery, library and craft workshops. The center’s main activity is running the ÚĽUV School of Crafts. Any children, young people and adults interested in traditional hand-made production can learn old technological processes and acquire practical craft skills in the craft courses it organises year-long as short or long-term projects.

For children and young people, ÚĽUV Košice RCC also offers the holiday events Spring Break with Craft and Holiday with Craft in July and August. For adults, it has accredited courses in further education, and in the last weekend in August it also organises the Summer School of Crafts. The most popular courses are those in the pottery, wire craft, weaving, textile, woodcarving and painting under glass workshops; however, during the year many other less common traditional crafts are also taught.