Winter term resumé

Winter term resumé

Mária Nepšinská

Exhibited in the premises of the school, students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava organised regular public presentation of what they learnt in the winter term. Several creative and top-quality works appeared among many presented objects. This fact proves that future artists and designers learn to involve complex approach to creative work.

Working with the Remembrance of future topic assigned by studio head teacher, Martin Bu (product design studio, year 5) produced designs of daily use interior products. Martin focused his creative endeavour on dining and developed an unusual approach to interior products and elements from ceramics and porcelain. Martin borrowed from U.S. movies such as Startrek and X-men and from genetic engineering.

Lucia Bartková (s+m+l_XL Metal and jewellery, year 5) borrowed from four topics (Good luck, hunters; Tea set, Advising, Mozart) to initiate a new, fifth topic. Lucia separated the topics and joined them into a new whole. She focused on two-dimensional objects and worked with photographs, copies and drawings.

Slavomíra Ondrušová (ateliér s+m+l_XL Metal and jewellery, year 2) finds beauty where there is none, where nobody would find it. Slavomíra promoted a hole in a T-shirt into an artwork – she framed the hole and promoted it to jewellery.

Andrea Zendeková (Textile design studio, year 2) worked with the topic Still-life – interior or clothing textile design. Andrea chose ordinary glasses and produced an interior fabric – a kitchen cloth.

Milan Kováč (Glass art studio, year 4) worked with chaos and order. Milan believes water is chaos and source of human existence – it is natural and amorphous mass that preceded cosmic order and allowed existence of elementary life forms.