A butterfly in glass

A butterfly in glass

An interview with Ivica Markovičová

Adriena Pekárová

Ivica Markovičová is a glass visual artist who also does ceramic art. Her artworks are regularly presented at individual exhibitions and she also attends competitions or symposiums. For her, glass is the first-choice medium from which she has made many glass objects, utility and decorative items – majority of which are made by the thermoformage technique. Markovičová has developed the technique into a wide scope of sophisticated appearances with colours and optical effects of glass playing the main role. Fundamental to her work is experimenting with glass and other materials and discovering limits of the technology which help her to grow to new artistic expressions.

She studied ceramics at the Secondary Applied Arts School in Košice. Then, she decided to study glass at the AFAD as a compromise for then non-existing department of ceramics. She graduated from the glass studio headed by J. Gavula in 1995. She seals colours or other materials between two layers of glass and applies the same method to glass surface. Markovičová puts bio-materials such as hemp strings, flowers and paper into the glass. The material burns to ash, producing gases that escape into the glass and changing into various colours.

Sticking to ceramics as her original artistic choice, Markovičová handles both art disciplines equally. She produces small utility ceramic objects such as tea and coffee sets. She received a Rings in Water competition prize for a dot-design folk art inspired cup in 2006. She has made designs for seats for open-air fireplace at a fireclay symposium in the village of Kalinovo. Glass art is her main activity.