Designing a piece of jewellery

Designing a piece of jewellery

An interview with Andrea Ďurianová

Mária Hriešik Nepšinská

Andrea Ďurianová is the graduate of s+m+l_XL Metal and jewellery department at the AFAD in Bratislava. She has been a freelance designer since 2010. She is the first prize winner at the Rings in Water competition 2012 and the laureate of Schmuck 2013 in Munich. Andrea Ďurianová likes to work with bird motifs which are very often used in the Slovak traditional embroidery. She has made a collection of seven necklaces, one for each day of a week. Pendants are made of brass with the surface covered with white powder. Pendants are attached to red yarns. Individual necklaces represent various embroidery motives such as a bird, feet, a tree branch… People can wear one necklace at a time or combine some of them to create a more interesting composition. The author combines her education as an artist with thinking as a designer. Andrea seeks to introduce jewellery to people, however, she would like people to wear her jewellery, not only to look at it. She describes her Built up collection as determining the space. She changes the shape of jewellery from flat to three-dimensional. Each piece of jewellery is made by bending one piece of plate.

After graduation, Andrea and her friend Lucia Gašparovičová have opened a studio in which they design new jewellery. They were awarded the Best installation prize at the Design Weekend 2012.