Metal governs my work

Metal governs my work

Mária Nepšinská

Educated as a textile designer and jewellery artist, Hany H. Kašičková is an interesting person of the free-style jewellery. She has been awarded several prizes for her work (Rings in Water 2006 and 2008) and her graduation project is part of the collection of the renowned Gallery Marzee in the Netherlands. In addition, she also cooperates with Ľubica Poncik – they make modern jewellery and accessories together. Besides, she has been a lecturer of tinkery course in the ÚĽUV for several years, and she has organised the jewellery academy, her own project, at the AFAD in Bratislava since 2004.

Her graduation collection of jewellery aroused attention due to the author-specific approach to the comic strips. Hany H. Kašičková has continued to work with the same topic. Collections of jewellery Animal attraction (25 brooches), “Džuky a Ďoďo” (5 x 5 brooches) and H&M were inspired by her personal life. Now, she gets inspiration from colour wooden toys. She transforms original wood into contemporary materials such as plastic, Plexiglas and black Perspex and adds original round patterns, car paints and gold foil. The collections of hanging Crosses or the Kingdom of Heaven made in 2008 are truly gallery jewellery. Inspiration for them comes from forged iron crosses from the Slovak churches in the 19th century.

Hany H. Kašičková opened the summer jewellery academy in 2004. The purpose is to allow people to learn something about goldsmith’s trade and about jewellery. Before establishing the summer jewellery academy, she was a lecturer in the ÚĽUV – she was a lecturer of weaving, tinkery and wire jewellery courses.

Now, she spends most of her time designing jewellery. Hany has been working on the Simpsons collection which is a sort of tribute to this iconic show. She gets inspiration from the extensive tradition of coats of arms in Slovakia as well as from the signboards made by blacksmiths and from coats of arms made by contemporary graphic designers.