Craft centre in Prešov

Craft centre in Prešov

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Mária Kruľová became acquainted with the technology of machine weaving during her activities in a different field. She learnt the techniques that were previously topical in the Eastern Slovak region from older women. She used to weave as a hobby, but later she made it her business. In 2000 she opened a Craft Centre in Prešov (eastern Slovakia) that was both her workshop as well as a retail outlet. Along with the Craft Centre, the Association of Craftsmen of Šariš region was created that connects all areas of interest in folk art production. The association created a database of folk craftsmen in the region of Šariš that assists with organizing exhibitions and other events in the region. These events encouraged artists to continue their work.

One of the activities of the centre is re-qualification courses and short-term weaving courses. She has good experience in arranging and teaching work therapy for physically as well as mentally disabled people. The Craft Centre also offers after-school activities for elementary and secondary schools. Every year the centre is visited by students from textile universities in England and Scotland.

The Craft Centre store offers woodcarving objects, works of artistic smiths, objects made of twigs, embroidery, laces and ‘la frivolité’ laces, glass paintings, works made of wire, crochet tablemats, ceramics and other works of utilitarian and decorative character.