Stones, wires and woods…

Stones, wires and woods…

Ágnes Schramm

Zuzana Rudavská (born 1962) studied textiles at the Secondary School of Art Industry in Bratislava and then at Prague University of Industrial Art. Both her parents are well-known artists and established personalities in Slovak art: Mária Rudavská is a textile artist and Andrej Rudavský is a sculptor. Together with her brother, Ondrej, Zuzana Rudavská emigrated to the United States of America after the last year of school. Following five hard years of never-ending work and endeavour, they searched for their personal as well as artistic identity and the opportunity to enter the American art scene.

Zuzana is intensely devoted to free creation and applied art. Along with surface and spatial textile compositions, drawings and collages she is devoted to creating objects and installations from various materials, mainly stone and natural or metal fibres. At the same time she designs and makes costumes and jewels for artistic video-clips. In 1996 she received a film award – the Cine Golden Eagle Award. She is already a well-known and recognized artist, favoured and presented at prestigious museums and galleries in the United States, Europe and Japan, and in the period 1991 to 2005 she participated in 18 art symposia on four continents. The main inspirational source of the author is nature – living or not, mainly wood, stone and wind or water. These impulses hide her majestic sculptures and objects from bronze, stone and metal fibre. However, they can be found also in intimate compositions from copper wire and flax fibres or collages made of paper.

At a multitude of art symposia she searches for inspiration mainly at the particular place and, therefore, in order to express her emotions and creativity, she chooses to use junk wooden constructions she finds and power cables, pieces of wire fence, wooden railway sleepers and electrical pylons that are given a different meaning and dimension. Jewellery creation plays an important part in the artistic production of Zuzana Rudavská.