Moková Viera


Moková Viera

wax crafting
Producer's activities
beehive craftsmanship
Place of work
Bratislava, Bratislava region
More about producer
Since 1995, she has been dedicated to making candles from beeswax. She uses various forms of candles in her work. She also creates various decorative objects, with the main advantage being the strong and pleasant scent of beeswax. She also specializes in creating wax figurines.

Products approved by the Commission

Products approved for further expansion under the ÚĽUV trademark are documented and preserved in ÚĽUV funds.

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Original author's products sold under the ÚĽUV brand. The products mostly come from a smaller workshop with limited production capacity. We ship products that are currently available within 5-14 days of receiving the order. If you are interested in a larger quantity of products than our current stock, we will be happy to discuss the delivery date with you individually. Selected products can only be picked up in person in our stores