Rybáriková Alena

ÚĽUV master
ÚĽUV master

Rybáriková Alena

embroidery, lace making, tailoring
Producer's activities
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Stupava, Bratislava region
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The knowledge she gained in high school of arts and at the Faculty of Arts – specializing in ethnography and folklore, she utilized at the Center for Folk Art Production, where she started working in 1973. Until 1990, she worked as a research worker focusing on folk costume and textiles. Thanks to her study of traditional costumes, field research, and practical experience gained in costume production, she became a top expert in Slovak folk costume issues. She carries out all the necessary work to create individual parts of various costume variants (material selection, cutting, decoration, patterning, embroidery design). She can decorate costumes, make small accessories to complement specific costume variants – lacing, decorating with beads, sequins, ribbons, making wreaths, feathers, and hairpins, hat decorations, and more. She excels in tailoring work and all traditional textile techniques, such as lace making, embroidery, tablet weaving, card weaving, wrist weaving, netting, fringing, etc. She can clean and treat traditional and new costume components. Her publishing activity is also significant. She authored a brochure on embroidery techniques called “Small Embroidery School” (Živena 1989) and co-authored the publication “Slovak Folk Embroidery” (Alfa 1985). She worked on entries in the field of folk production and crafts for the Encyclopedia of Folk Culture of Slovakia (Veda 1995) and the Slovak Biographical Dictionary (Matica slovenská 1986). In 2008, she obtained a qualification certificate as a master of folk art production in the field of costume production, issued by the Commission for Assessing the Professional Qualifications of Workers in Folk Art Production

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