Mega work and jeweller

Mega work and jeweller

Mária Nepšinská

The exhibition is a presentation of contemporary work of the graduates of the metal and jewellery studio at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.

The metal and jewellery studio was formed in 1990, as part of the department of applied arts. Internationally recognized Slovak jewellery designer, lecturer and associate professor Anton Cepka headed the studio the till 1996. Afterwards, professor Karol Weisslechner took the office. The new head set up a new curriculum and a new name, S+M+L_XL, for the studio specifying the scope of studies – from small jewellery objects to interior and exterior designs and architectural proposals. The studio produced some twenty graduates until now. Majority of them took up a career of art or commercial jewellery designer, others produce interior objects of product design. Some of them decided to start a career of an art theorist or lecturer.

The exhibition displays variety of creative approaches and concepts and presents the younger generation of designers in their endeavour to define their artistic style and creative expression.