A story of a house

A story of a house

Katarína Vošková

The Association of Banská Štiavnica´91 is a popular organiser of workshops for artisans repairing old houses. It is the civic association of qualified and amateur preservationists who are engaged in the reconstruction of house No. 5 at Remeselnícka Street. Originally, it was two-storey Renaissance building in the second half of the 16th century. The house was not officially protected – a local protection authority protected only the palace houses in the very centre of the town until 2000. Remeselnícka Street No. 5 is located at the edge of the centre, near the houses of blacksmiths, bakers, pipe makers and near small factories.

The house was not used for 20 years and decayed. The Association of Banská Štiavnica´91 acquired the title to the house after many problems. When partially repaired and covered with a roof, the house has been announced as officially protected. The Culture Ministry registered the house at Remeselnícka Street No. 5 at the Main list of cultural monuments.

Traditional materials and technologies have been used for the reconstruction of the house. The main purpose of the reconstruction project is to prove that a historical building can be reconstructed without compromising its special character and with low costs. The town of Banská Štiavnica needs such an example. Claiming that conservation is too expensive, many investors repair and reconstruct historical houses without preservation their unique character. Besides, there are few craftsmen with good knowledge of old materials and techniques.

The association is engaged in the conservation of the house, educates craftsmen and amateur community in the field of conservation materials, techniques and technologies. When the conservation is completed, the house will be used as a centre for promotion and education in the field of cultural heritage and training of craftsmen in the field of conservation of historical buildings. Craft will not vanish from the house.