Miloš Balgavý in Trenčín

Miloš Balgavý in Trenčín

Sabina Jankovičová

The exhibition of Miloš Balgavý in Trenčín featured an overview of his work from mid-eighties until the present. It was a comeback to the roots, primary points of departure of author’s creative work.

Miloš Balgavý is a graduate from the Glass Studio of Askold Žáček. His predecessor, Václav Cigler, had influenced only the first two years of his studies, but despite this fact, Miloš Balgavý took the road of minimalism thus joining the geometrising stream in the Slovak glass design. Colour becomes a new element in his minimalist line. From the beginning, the author uses very distinct colour tones. By shaping the glass substance, he follows changes in the intensity of colour, discovers the relation between the volume and the final effect of the colour tone. To a substantial degree, colour contributes to the final effect of a particular piece of work.

First works are colourless, pasted together of several parts. The next phase scrutinises the relationship between the transparent and the opaque glass substance in a single whole. The series of objects from 1988 is rather of a graphic nature. The author examines the relations of colours and shapes in the area of the artefact. From the late nineties, he has shifted his attention to compositions made of various structures. Here, he fully indulges in the play with colour and glass substance. He seeks different ways of potential connections of various coloured blocs. Subsequently, he begins to look for a new morphology of the colour expression. Lenticular shapes, the sphere and its segments are becoming new elements of his compositions.