A Slovak production cooperative successful even in the 21st century? Yes, Javorina.

A Slovak production cooperative successful even in the 21<sup>st</sup> century? Yes, Javorina.

Mária Pospíšilová

The foundation of what was originally a wood-carving cooperative, called Javorina, dates back to 1947. Javorina was one of the first cooperatives founded and supported by ÚĽUV. From the production of toys, commemorative items and home accessories, gradually including a home interior furnishing service, their range was added to by carpentry products, rustic furniture made to order and other products of an art and craft nature in which there was interest. The cooperative established new contacts with private furniture sellers and state shops, opening its first shop in Poprad. It successfully underwent the process of transformation of cooperatives at the beginning of the 1990s and began to look for ways of finding a place on foreign markets. It succeeded in doing so when a Dutch company became a member of the cooperative. The new president, Leo Čellár, began to shape the company’s new identity gradually and carefully, and after over seventy years, many of which were difficult, the Javorina production cooperative today is a well established brand on the furniture market even at a European level.