Three parts of the soul – Lívia Slížová

Three parts of the soul – Lívia Slížová

Ľubica Pavlovičová

“Who am I? My personality is divided into three parts. The first is the soul of a textile designer, the second the hands of a sculptor and the third the fingers of a drawer. My works are a reflection of something I have been looking for…“

Lívia Slížová is a generation of graduates of the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava who thanks to the strong and agile previous generation that provided direction in the field of textile, are now able to prove that fibre can and is predestined to overcome the borders of classic art techniques, shapes and designs. Fourteen years since the end of her studies is marked with many activities – chamber creation, participation at many symposia, exhibitions and workshops.

The author’s work is very broad – from tapestries up to textile objects, including painting and drawing on textile as well as non-traditional materials, miniatures to paper objects, from application of non-traditional materials up to their individual use. Her miniatures are made from various materials, mainly cotton, paper and igelit. Her small objects are modelled by sewing, folding and filling. Even these objects are marked with her interest in drawing: the surface is often decorated with embroidery, machine embroidery or a typing machine.

Along with miniature objects, Lívia Slížová also created larger projects – as an example we can mention her work Ice Age where the material used is paper and igelit, formed using a sewing machine. She was inspired by nature – the whole object gives the impression of many-fold zoomed animal fur, shiny and alive.

Lívia Slížová likes to draw – she draws using a sewing machine, with a needle and thread, on igelit, note paper, cotton or old photographs. This expression of hers is exactly the most direct statements in her creations and may be therefore the drawing has become a means in her work that periodically appears in her work. She likes using old photographs to use them as unfinished objects decorated in her own way. Her signature element is an ornament that she sews with a sewing machine which not only models a drawing and therefore a new work but by using free threads converts a surface photograph into a spatial object.