Textile, metal, technologies…

Textile, metal, technologies…

Interview with M. A. Blanka Cepková

Adriena Pekárová

We presented M. A. Blanka Cepková as the author of enamelled items, textile jewellery and textile miniatures in RUD xxx. Now, it is her second year as the head of textile environment studio at the textile department of the AFAD in Bratislava. She speaks about her experience as a teacher and about her recent visit at the Munich Jewellery Week and Talents, the exhibition of young artists.

„The concept of my work is to do art from textile. My work is not limited to two-dimensional objects such as embroidery or tapestry, I also do three-dimensional objects we may call soft plastic art. Work in the studio allows contacts with other materials and techniques which are inspired by textile. Relation between an artwork and a place it will be located in is also important.

Our studio should provide the students with the comprehensive insight into textile art work. I understand that not every graduate of our studio will be an active artist, but they may pursue a successful career in the field of education, textile production or the institutions supervising historical and crafts-related traditions.

Being awarded by one of the prizes, student at the studio Ľubomíra Abrahámová achieved remarkable success at international exhibition Talents in Munich, Germany (March 2011). She came with a very unique concept – she replaced textile with metal and utilized natural aspects of the material such as corrosion. And, she also used gold and silver embroidery and respected traditional design of folk clothes.

New technologies have recently been introduced into textile design and textile art. Globalisation rules and differences between nations disappear. I understand that now it is very difficult to have a person-specific style. Craftsmanship as once popular for utility objects is on the decrease. Now, innovative ideas are important.“