Fashion drawing

Fashion drawing

Dana Fagová

Viera Škrabalová-Líčeníková (1925 – 2007) is a significant Slovak textile artist with wide-ranging creative activities. In addition to the design and implementation of interior decoration and utility textiles was active mainly in the field of theatre, film and television.

To a large extent she was involved in documenting of the Slovak folk costumes for ÚĽUV. During her internal activity in ÚĽUV (1949 – 1953) in the first field research she recorded forms of folk costumes using drawings. After 1953, she continued to operate as an external worker plotting clothes and their individual elements. She created a series of 3295 pieces of coloured watercolour drawings of folk costumes from various regions of Slovakia. Processed findings of studies subsequently served as a model material for further production.

Within the work in ÚĽUV Viera Škrabalová-Líčeníková paid close attention to the creation of the designer clothing. Fashion design drawings include folk costumes decorative elements such as lace or embroidery, likewise the shape solution of folk costume components serve as an inspiration. The drawings provide documentary evidence for the situation of the 50s 20 century, when ÚĽUV worked in partnership with embroidery, lace or blueprint production cooperatives. Such cooperation between cooperatives and the design workshops created several valuable models that went into normal production.

The set of drawings, which is in the collection of the Museum of Folk Art Production, contains women´s casual and formal dresses and also blouses. Brief descriptions indicating the material, cut and decorations of garments are also parts of the dress designs. Natural fabrics – cotton, linen and silk materials have been proposed for making clothes. There is easily recognizable Viera Škrabalová-Líčeníková´s handwriting – the design line is very relaxed, we feel the author´s hand certainty in all her drawings.