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Michaela Bednárová, a young graduate from the free textile production studio, founded the designer brand Puojd in 2008. Within it she designs textile patterns, clothing, clothing and interior accessories. Now she is presenting her works at the exhibition Fabricated by Puojd in the Slovak Institute in Vienna.

She entered the designer practice very courageously. Slovak national emblem – its stylization, reduction and multiplication in the form of textile printing has become the emblem of her creation. She worked with signs like with the common visual motif with grace and without pathos, bringing them together into forms of patterns or compositions. The author is looking for original, cheerful, self-confident and visually inventive form of presentation of Slovakia. Later she turns from the coat of arms to the other components more or less evoking home environment.

Her domain is the authorial print, but she is also dedicated to designing clothes. She prefers simple, uncomplicated cuts and user-friendly materials, mostly in streetware style, her things are aimed at daily wear.

The basis of her presented collections was printed fabrics and concrete products made from them – dresses, leggings, bags for laptops, ties, bean bag chairs, etc..

Puojd products are timeless, characterized by their functionality and practicality, creating a pleasing visual connection between a fresh design and a consumption function of the design. The author’s work is constantly vivid and attractive to a wider range of customers and at the same time is a reflection of contemporary culture of a young person.