The Wool Master class

The Wool Master class

Dana Fagová, Andrea Paldan

ÚĽUV in 2012 became a partner of the International Design Research Project Europe Arts and Crafts, implemented as part of the Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci. In partnership with INMA French, Irish and Spanish CCoI FUNDESARTE, ÚĽUV is developing a series of creative workshops and study visits to connect young professional designers, artists and craftsmen of various European countries and cultures, broaden their knowledge and experience.

5 artists and designers from Slovakia participated in the first workshop, “The Wool Master class” organized by the French partner in the Bergerie Nationale de Rambouillet, situated near Paris. In the workshop venue there is situated an experimental farm. Seven-day creative stay with the theme of wool and its practical application enabled participants from France, Spain, Ireland and Slovakia to view this material may be from a different perspective than expected at the beginning, but the final evaluations were positive. The program included a tour of the farm complex, lecture series on wool fibres, practical workshop focusing on the techniques of felting, Shibori technique (batik) and the production of wool mattress traditional, manual way.

The main objective was to develop a comprehensive concept for a possible promotion of wool, wool products, or community-related projects with wool.