One on One

One on One

Helena Veličová

Design pairs from the Slovak and Czech environment that produce successful design through joint efforts.


ALLT studio founded in 2011 by Peter Simoník along with Elena Bolcekovou after meeting during their studies at the Faculty of Architecture STU and found that due to a similar approach and relatively different methods for them cooperation was a creative asset. As they say, they are working on everything that you can think of, from product design, furniture and accessories to the product photography and graphic design. And none of these are missing a story, freshness or wit.


MEJD studio was also created in 2011, established by the creative duo Štefan Nosko and Katarina Beličková who first met while studying in the studio of product design at the VŠVU Academy. Studying in the same studio united their view of their design and the establishment of a common brand followed more or less naturally. Together they explore creative product design, which is characterized not only functionality and aesthetics, but also by an interesting and playful concept.


The brand Popular was founded in 2002, by graphic designer and DJ Michal Rafaj. In 2003, he met Zuzana Kubáňová, and together they redeveloped the already existing brand and created the first bags and t-shirts. This collection was so successful amongst their friends, that the pair decided to dedicate themselves full time to the development of the brand. This year, it celebrates its thirteenth birthday and is popular for many people (not only) in the field of design, fashion and music.

Veronika & Victoria

Veronika and Viktoria Ďuricová Beldová are a young Czechoslovakian design duo who met thanks studying product design at the Prague Academy of Arts and their joint work led them camaraderie and a shared view on design. They are devoted to product design, making installations, interior design and other projects in the field of design. For them, the combination of materials plays an important role in their designs.

The design duo consists of Simona Janišová a Linda Viková, who met at the Studio of Ceramics at VŠVU Acadamy Bratislava. After graduation they began to work in a common studio and in 2012 this shared space resulted in the spontaneous creation of a common brand, which focuses on the creation of utilitarian ceramics, designed for everyday use, but is also typical for its fresh and playful approach.