Remembering the Master of Iron and Wire

Remembering the Master of Iron and Wire

Katarína Hallonová

In these days, we commemorate the 95th birthday of blacksmith and wireworker Ladislav Jurovatý, Sr. (1923 – 2012) from Lúky pod Makytou. He also devoted himself to drawing, painting and printmaking, but his life-long mission was to revive traditional blacksmithery and wire working and grant them a new artistic dimension.

L. Jurovatý was a very active and prolific author with broad interests – he worked in the field of applied arts as well as free art, or jewellery and was interested in the possibility of utilisation of both crafts in the modern interior. He also experimented with waste material. His original technique of wire working was significant not only for his personal creative growth, but also for further development of wire working. He created remarkable works, in their form close to classical sculpture.

He was the first to successfully incorporate blacksmith techniques and wire working, building on the contrast between the wire line and a compact iron mass. Religious and folk motives were his most favourite ones. In the rich repertoire of utility and decorative objects bowls and trays, hangers, mirror frames, candle holders, lamps, fire place tools and fireplace bars and covers prevailed.

In the last decade of his life, L. Jurovatý focused his attention on sheet metal. Since 1964 he held the title of the Master of Folk Arts and Crafts in artistic blacksmithery.

His works were exhibited in Europe, the Middle East and North America and they are in collection of the most important Slovak museums and art galleries.