Blue print under the roof of ÚĽUV and coops

Blue print under the roof of ÚĽUV and coops

Oľga Danglová

Following the ban of private enterprises in the 1950’s a part of blue print workshops in Slovakia was transformed into a cooperative production and continued its activity within the Kroj (traditional clothes) cooperative founded in 1948 by the Centre for Folk Art Production in Bratislava. Turning the blue dye production into a cooperative business had brought positive results for a while. Textile designers had entered into the process of designing and the blue print appeared in the clothing of city inhabitants and in the interior of urban households.

ÚĽUV always emphasized the ethnographical research of the traditional blue print production. In the 1970’s it came to cooperation with the famous blue dyer Stanislav Trnka and his workshop in Púchov. This cooperation was mutually benefitial for quite a period of time.

The assortment was divided into three groups. The first one were fabrics and interior design materials, the second one were commissions by folklore ensembles and the third one was production connected with fashion designing which had a more or less auxiliary character. Among the designers working for ÚĽUV and developing the blue print impetus were Eva Uhliariková, Eva Holáková, Klára Brunovská, Eva Kováčová, Jozef Bajuz, Jana Menkynová and Anna Pallová.