Danzinger blue print

Danzinger blue print

Eva Ševčíková

One of the two Moravian workshops maintaining the tradition of cloth dyeing by blue print technology up to the present day is the workshop of the Danzinger family in Olešnice in Moravia. The whole family is involved in its operation. Nowadays, it is the 5th generation of the Danzingers since its opening.

Since 1956 until 1991, the workshop was cooperating with ÚLUV. Following the collapse of ÚLUV in the Czech Republic they, just as their predecessors, have come to manage the workshop themselves. The hottest issue was how to secure the sales. At first, they used to take their products to trade fairs, later started cooperation with the Wooden Toys Company in Prague (Dřevěné hračky), today the Czech national enterprise Manufacture, which was buying a part of their production. The range of products is being constantly enlarged, based on their own ideas as well as their customers‘ inspiration. The accompanying events of the workshop include tours of the workshop, collaboration with schools and running their own café.

They supply small shops which are selling handcraft products with their goods, print yards of fabrics for traditional costumes commissioned by various folklore ensembles and participate in the artisans‘ trade fairs.