Those who know, teach

Those who know, teach

Helena Veličová

Iveta Miháliková, Michal Hanula and Veronika Kostková are people who do what they can do best and, at the same time, teach it. These three visual artists/designers teach at different secondary art schools, each of them in a different branch and there is even a difference in their years of experience in teaching.

Since 1988 Iveta Miháliková has been devoted to textile production, water colour painting and textile jewelry. She is a member of several textile associations and since 1997 has been teaching at the textile department of Josef Vydra School of Applied Arts in Bratislava.

Michal Hanula is a designer devoted mainly to working with timber (but also wire, plastic, buckhorn..) producing table and interior accessories, toys or even completely designed children’s playgrounds. He has several awards from the competitions „Timber Studies“ and „Circles on the Water“. Since 2005 he has been lecturing at the School of Applied Art in Ružomberok, department of toys and decorative objects production.

Veronika Kostková is a fashion designer, known for her own individual work, but also for her cooperation with Libor Komosný. Since 2010 she has been teaching fashion design at the Secondary Art School in Trenčín.