Two Prague Exhibitions

Two Prague Exhibitions

Adriena Pekárová

Two exhibitions – young artists at an exhibition named Talents 2006, and the international exhibition Textile Miniature organized by the TXT Association were introduced for the second year in the areas of the Gallery “U Prstenu” and the Slovak Institute.

The Talents 2006 exhibition takes the concept of demonstrating young artists that underwent a selection process and were introduced at the similarly named international competition and exhibition in Munich. This year the three participants were supplemented by other hopeful talents, most of them with experience from foreign study stays and international competitions. Eleven names (apart from one all students or graduates of University of Fine Arts in Bratislava) signed under the collections of cloth or textile design, glass, jewel and interior object from rattan wicker offered a picture of artistic world of starting generation that attracted with spontaneity, dynamics, creativity and sparking interest in future development. Contemporary young artists use the opportunities of mobility fully, they suck in and exchange new ideas and information from all parts of the world, and they are influenced by modern technology and science. Innovation is therefore an obvious and inevitable method for their thinking. Even though they are becoming part of the global artistic space without borders, it is comforting that there is still something individual in their work, something that still connects them to their place of origin.

With many exhibited works one can read a form of connection with tradition, however not in the sense of admirable continuation but more as a reflective platform, inspiration or base for conceptual thinking or the opportunity to demonstrate their own creative potential while using classic craft technology.