Kiln not only for ceramics

Kiln not only for ceramics

Július Lišaník

In 2007, the Slovak Mining Museum in the town of Banská Štiavnica commissioned the author of this article to reconstruct a traditional-style lime-burning oven that stood under the Old Castle after the workshop that was organised in 2005. The oven was planned to be re-built into a kiln. The author decided to build a multi-purpose oven – bread (or anything else) baking oven, an oven for burning of ceramics, lime, coal, producing wood tar and melting ore.

The author decided to preserve as much unbroken parts of double cover as possible and add an internal heat-resisting cover from fire-clay bricks. Total reconstruction of the centre of fire was required. Students of a local secondary school, department of plaster reconstruction helped him to build the oven.

The oven´s chamber is vertical for it was intended to be multi-purpose facility. It, however, brought some imperfect features for several functions that must be expected form such facilities. One of its weaknesses is undue difference in composition of temperatures. This oven has hotter top and colder bottom which, naturally is not a perfect condition.

The oven has been built, expectations have been fulfilled. Some tasks have not been completed, the oven, however, waits to be used more often.