Staying at home and travelling

Staying at home and travelling

Kateřina Nora Nováková

The Technical University Gallery in the town of Jablonec nad Nisou (Czech Republic) is an environment presenting works of students of interior and clothing accessories studio of the textile designing department for several years. The gallery also presents, in cooperation with various entities, works of teachers and their students from around the Central Europe who work with textile, jewellery and glass sculptures. Two Slovak artists Blanka Cepková and Mária Fulková were invited to participate in the program.

Blanka Cepková (1966) produces unique combinations of textile and jewellery. She makes objects by sewing threads or natural fibres together to produce embossed structures. The technique the author used, similar to a traditional technique of straw basket making, helped her to make rather large three-dimensional objects that remind of buildings, plants, beehives or other nature-inspired objects. She used the same techniques to produce a remarkable collection of jewellery.

Work of Mária Fulková (1962) is a different story. She finds inspiration in her long-time experience as a theatre costumes designer. Besides, her lifestyle is different (a lecturer at two universities at the same time – in Slovakia and Czech Republic). Actually, she no longer works with textile. Her graphic works – pen drawings or pen-drawn collages from music papers formed into geometrical lines – and produce an illusion of constant movement. They are reports about a specific country and about people she makes. She also adds comments on a specific location and date to her reports. Her work records busy life we live and impressions from her travels or accidental meetings.