X as ten

X as ten

Adriena Pekárová

The history of ten years of textile miniature exhibitions in Bratislava has established tradition, a base for evaluating the development of the art discipline within the Slovak textile art. Originally a small scale event organised by several textile artists, the activity has expanded into a larger event. After five years of organising, curator Silvia Fedorová began to invite foreign artists to participate in the event. This year, 58 artists displayed their works at the exhibition (including 16 foreign artists and 9 students). Young generation definitely adds new blood to the event. Well, the works they deliver are not perfect, but they bring refreshing ideas and concepts. Foreign participants often come with various forms and artist-specific techniques. Recently, traditional techniques such as crocheting and knitting have re-appeared at the exhibition. New generation uses the techniques not to revive the original appearance, but to identify new expressions.

After the opening in Bratislava, the exhibition shall travel to another place – romantic water castle Klaffenbach, the vibrant centre of the German town of Chemnitz.

The exhibition has won recognition as an international event and is now an activity of significant importance. It is the established platform that our weak artistic community may use to establish itself as part of the international textile production.