2009 Textile miniature ZOOM

2009 Textile miniature ZOOM

Adriena Pekárová

From late June Bratislava hosted this year’s second international exhibition that enabled outstanding figures of contemporary textile to be presented through modest, in terms of volume, but artistically and technically demanding creation. The 11th year of the textile miniature exhibition according to the curator concept of academic painter Silvia Fedorová got Bratislava, once for all, on the map of internationally accepted events, which is well demonstrated by the participation of renown artists from different countries worldwide.

The theme of this year – Zoom – proved to be a meaningful concept inspiring to renditions in different textile techniques and materials of textile nature and to experimenting with materials that indirectly refer to certain textile properties (paper and human hair, wire, perforated metal plate, plastics, wood.). Zoom – an angle of inward view – helps to reveal new details and structures or promises a secret, changes the scales of things and the perspective, distorts and misleads the sensory faculties.

The Jury’s Award in the category of professionals went to Yuka Kawai. The artist comes from Tokyo where she lives and works at the Tama Art University but often exhibits in Europe. In the students’ category the Jury’s Award went to Martin Vanko, an undergraduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. The Slovak Association of Textile Artists Award, TXT, was won by Netherlander Marian Biljenga.