Ceramic Nativity Scenes

Ceramic Nativity Scenes

Katharina Richter-Kovarik

The Austrian Ethnographic Museum in Vienna exhibited the project “Traditions from Clay – the Road to Discovering Ceramic Heritage” (also known by acronym TRA-KER) in 2011 – 2012. The project involved the international cooperation of Slovakia – Austria from 2007 to 2013. Its aim was to revive public interest in one of the oldest craft traditions, ceramic production of utilities and art, on both sides of the Slovakia – Austria border.

The exhibition of Ceramic Nativity Scenes from Slovakia presents a unique collection of nativity scenes coming from Slovak museums and private collections. It was and will continue to be hosted by various European museums.

Concept of the exhibit was developed by Katharina Richter-Kovarik together with Claudia Peschel-Wacha, the curator of ceramic collections of the Austrian Ethnographic Museum. The exhibition brings the magic of the Holy Night event in form of 24 ceramic nativity scenes. The scenes not only came from the hands of well-known masters such as national artists Ferdiš Kostka and Ignác Bizmayer, but from contemporary masters of folk art productions as well, including masters Jozef Franko, Drahoslav Chalány, Marián Liška, and Kornélia Pussova.