Culinary Porcelain

Culinary Porcelain

Martin Bu

Food Art & Design is an extremely, dynamically, rapidly developing area which connects different areas and cultivates the enjoyment of meals along with many other “perks”. In the case of porcelain, the connection with food is quite appropriate. As demonstrated by the international student Art Food Project, a project focused on linking design, art, and gastronomy, this classic tableware or serving element works best when it is not bound to standard methods of food presentation thus exceeding the limits of utilization.

The workshop Art Food Project 2013 was attended by students from the School of Form in Poznaň (Poland) and the Royal College of Art in London. The students were called to design ceramic and porcelain functional objects through which they could express their own vision of food and art.

The project provides professional work experience and opens doors to the future collaboration between designers and Polish ceramic factories. Results of the three-level workshop were presented in the autumn festivals of Design in Lodž and London.