A Slovak girl of the 21st century

A Slovak girl of the 21st century

Eva Čavojcová

Milada Sabolová’s production of wedding dresses (and other items) reveals a unique link between traditional folk clothing and the current modern design line. Born in Prešov, she now lives in Levice and is a full time mother. Although she had graduated from the Secondary Engineering School in Prešov, clothes construction specialisation, initially it was folk dance that was dominant in her life.

Milada was growing up with folk art and hand made production as such. Having started with interior accessories, toys and jewels, she proceeded to clothes, whether it be wedding dresses, or outdoor, dance and every day ones. She draws inspiration from her life and people who have, somehow, entered her memory. She is all for experimenting and very fond of creating something new. She makes a very sophisticated use of traditional Slovak folk patterns, colour scales, materials, such as linen, but also hand made clothes decoration. Her production range is very manifold and she is very particular about the result. One could say that her clothes talk instead of her. Sensitive perception of materials and their right combination is one of Milada’s assets. The lightness of silk, the austere satin line or the playful nature of tulle are just a few examples of what one could find in her collections.

Twice she has been one of the finalists in the Arcolor competition in Prague, her wedding robe was given the title „The Best“ in Nitra in 2013, she participates in beauty contest projects and successfully exhibits photographs of her collections.