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Marta Mesárošová, Diana Némethová - Craftswomen
ISBN 978-80-89639-73-1
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ÚĽUV for children
blacksmithing, metalworking
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The new series of publications in the Poznávajme remeslá edition will allow children aged 9-12 to learn about traditional craft techniques with the opportunity to create their own specific product. The authors have selected craft techniques and home procedures that children can handle, possibly with the help of older siblings or parents.

Learning about crafts involves not only the specific steps of creating an attractive product using old techniques. These traditional, old techniques are placed in the context of the era with a description of their origin, material usage, and application in daily life. The booklets are richly illustrated by the popular young illustrator with the artistic name Dreadka, Zuzana Krutá, who has made crafts and craft techniques appealing to children with attractive childlike illustrations.

In addition to illustrations and large fonts, the booklet is richly represented with photographs of the process for each technique. The authors of this children’s edition have selected attractive contemporary wire products for the first book in the series Poznávajme remeslá, such as paper clips, message holders, heart-shaped hangers, decorative birds, or braided containers. All these products can be made with today’s available materials using contemporary tools and aids.

Published by the Centre of Folk Art Production in Bratislava, a state-subsidized organization established by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, in 2022.