Folk glass

Folk glass


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Irena Pišútová, Ján Kautman
ISBN 978-80-89639-08-3
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Tradition today
glassmaking, other traditional crafts
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Publication by Irena Pišútová and Ján Kautman: Folk Glass was prepared by the editorial office of the ULUV in the edition “Tradition Today”. It mainly deals with the extremely rich range of utilitarian glass, referred to by the author as “folk glass”, used in the past by rural residents. It was produced by glassworkers as a secondary assortment in small or larger private glassworks. In addition to the history of glassworks and a description of utilitarian glass production, the publication contains an immensely rich visual material of a wide range of folk glass, predominantly from the 19th and early 20th centuries. The visual material was created by digitally capturing collection items from five museums in Slovakia and three private collections, one of which is the rich private collection of the co-author and photographer of this publication, Ján Kautman. In addition to images, readers will find descriptions of various types of folk glass in the texts, categorized by their shapes. Each chapter also includes English summaries, and image descriptions are supplemented with English text as well.

Contains English summaries and image descriptions.

Published by the Center of Folk Art Production in Bratislava, a state organization established by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, in 2013.