Glass paintings

Glass paintings


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Irena Pišútová: Embroiderer
ISBN 978-80-88852-75-9
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Tradition today
glassblowing, other traditional crafts
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The visually richly equipped book presents the thematic richness of folk glass paintings and their portrayal by unknown painters, followed by images of well-known older and contemporary authors. Based on long-term professional scientific and research work, the author summarized them, who has already processed the topic of glass paintings in several of her previous publications and studies. Knowledge of the collection funds of Slovak museums enabled her to compile a selection in such a representative composition that has not been published in Slovakia so far. The text, which is attractive to readers, can also convey the history of Slovak glass paintings with all the features of artistic expression to a layman, distinguishing paintings from central, eastern, and western Slovakia, Catholic paintings, and Protestant paintings. In addition to the works of famous, non-anonymous painters, the book introduces the work of the Salzmann and Landsfeld families, closing the book with the paintings of contemporary authors. These visibly depart from traditional themes and enrich this artistic discipline with new subjects and their own painterly portrayals.

Includes parallel English summary.

Published by the Center for Folk Art Production in Bratislava, a state-subsidized organization established by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic in 2010.